What Is EGLER?

What is Egler you ask? EGLER means combining Repetition Training with nutrition using the ethos that Energy Grows Longer Each Repetition.
The EGLER method focuses on your health and well being by loading up your diet not only with high levels of nutrition but deliberately with the super foods that are high in Antioxidants to protect the body from free radicals and improve your immunity to multiple health risks including cancerous growths.

What is Egler you ask

What is Egler you ask

EGLER recommends endurance foods that are Wholefoods particularly Oats and Almonds as the basis for healthy Granola, Muesli or porridge. These special foods are low GI and higher in protein and the perfect base for your superfood ingredient toppings and ingredients that make it easy to prepare high nutrient meal.


What is EGLER for Acai Bowls & Smoothies

An Acai Bowl usually starts with granola but in winter that can be a warm Bircher Muesli or oaten Porridge. Acai berry is not the only Superfood to boost your meals there are many superfood grains and seeds that will provide fast reliable and measured nutrition for muscle building in addition to protein powders with your Acai Bowl.

A smoothie shake can be so simple in the modern world. With the advent of slow dried powders rather than freeze dried fruit and vegetable powders, the colours nutrients and flavours are retained for the raw puree of fruit or vegetables. This makes them highly important to Boost your nutrition and avoid the lengthy acquisition & preparation time from fresh Fruit and vegetables. EGLER!